Appending Services Convert single-channel customers into valuable multichannel customers

The expenditure on creating, delivering, promoting and examining the results of email campaigns will reach $2.5 billion by 2016, as predicted by Forrester. We know for a fact that the way a business was being done has changed enormously by the web and social networking sites today. There are no more door to door sales happening, as you can connect with your target audience directly from your desktop, where your database plays the major role.

Let us assume you have been in the business for quite some time now. You have a substantial database of customers which has been collected by you over the years. The mode of building your database could be innumerable like business cards, tradeshows, through vendors, etc. And now, you wish to connect with these customers. You are not sure if the database is still valid or has become obsolete.

You can either deploy your staff to make calls to your existing database and get it verified or just contact IntenseInfo for Appending services.

IntenseInfo has a set of Appending services to make any database work for you. It is through this process that your database is imported by our system which then matches the information with IntenseInfo's master database. This is faster, quicker and the most viable option for any business which is running ahead of time.

IntenseInfo Has Various Appending Services Like

  • Email Appending Service

  • Phone Appending Service

  • Postal Address Appending Service

  • Social Media Appending Service

  • Reverse Appending Service

Benefits Of IntenseInfo's Appending Services

  • Connect with your target audience at a much higher level
  • Achieve customer retention through increased relevancy
  • Improve in pulling your customers towards your websites achieved through reduced business costs
  • Kick-start your social marketing strategies at a go
  • Enhance your conversion rates to the maximum
  • Convert single-channel customers into valuable multichannel customers
  • Increase traffic to your website drastically